Gym cleaning


High demands are placed on the cleaning of gyms and sports facilities, especially the changing rooms. Keeping things new, tidy and clean is a prerequisite for making both customers and staff happy. We have extensive experience in cleaning sports facilities and gyms and are keen to maintain a high level of quality and service.

We carry out the cleaning at your facility in a careful and hygienic way, we also take the environment into account. Together with you, we draw up routines for cleaning, the steps to be carried out, with what frequency and the number of hours per occasion.

You can find a description of what is included in gym cleaning in the checklist below.

Construction cleaning for companies and individuals
When you carry out a remodel or renovation at home or elsewhere, it often results in a real mess. There may be rubbish, construction debris and dust spread over the premises or home that has recently undergone a new or remodel. Carrying out ongoing rough cleaning during the construction project is important in order to create as good and efficient a working environment as possible for the construction companies that are on site. A good building cleaning is important to carry out so that the premises or home that has been renovated will be ready for occupancy, but also because cleaning is often an important step in getting the building approved during inspection.

Rough building cleaning
Keeping clean during a construction project is not only important to create a good working environment for the construction teams, it also has its health benefits when the construction dust is gradually cleaned away. The ongoing cleaning during a construction project belongs to what we usually call rough construction cleaning. During a rough construction cleaning, we remove coarser dirt, we clean from dust but also objects or packaging that are left lying around after the carpenters have been on site. During a construction project, a lot of rubbish accumulates.

Nice construction cleaning
With a good building cleaning, we clean all surfaces thoroughly and make the premises or home ready for use. It is an important part and is almost always included before the final delivery of a new production or key handover to a future tenant or resident. All surfaces are cleaned, window cleaning is included and the premises must be emptied of items before the cleaning begins. The goal is to carry out a zero setting of the surface layer. This type of cleaning is often similar to move-in cleaning in its execution, although it differs when cleaning commercial premises.

Construction cleaning for all types of buildings
Cleaning after a remodel or new production of a property is a time-consuming job. As with all types of cleaning, it is important that there is access to both electricity and water, something we feel particularly compelled to point out as it has happened in new buildings that this is not installed when we get out. If it is not arranged on site, you as a customer need to notify us of this in advance.

We have extensive experience in carrying out assignments on both large and small buildings. In our project portfolio, we have assignments that include hundreds of apartments or large commercial premises. The price for construction cleaning varies depending on the nature and degree of difficulty of the assignment. In the case of minor remodeling in a smaller property, we can often return with a quick quote by asking a few supplementary questions. If it is instead a larger property, we may sometimes want to come out and inspect the construction project to be able to give you a fixed price and also review what type of equipment we need to bring with us. We perform construction cleaning in Greater Stockholm but also in the rest of the country.

We always use professional products and cleaning tools to ensure that our work maintains the quality that our customers expect from us. We are always keen that our customers are completely satisfied with the completed assignment, both in terms of cleanliness, efficiency and pricing. It should be worth it to hire Qleano's talented and committed employees.

If you, as a developer, are connected to Sweden's Byggföretat and demand that any suppliers be covered by the Building collective agreement or use ID-06, we have certified cleaning operators for this.

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