Moving cleaning

We know how much it is to be fixed before a move and how stressful it can be. Therefore, our goal is to make everything as simple and affordable as possible for you. With us you can quickly get the price and book your transfer cleaning directly on the website and therefore do not have to wait for the quotation to be sent to you.

We know how high demands it is on mobile cleaning and therefore our goal is to do everything right and right from the start. So many other cleaning companies we have a satisfied customer guarantee that you will be able to feel safe, but for us the goal is that it will never have to be used when we care about your time.

We are with you all the way from the first contact to the home is inspected and ready.

For us, your cleaning is a pleasure!

Why Our Cleaning Services?

  • Everything is included in the price
  • No extra hidden fees.
  • Because our promises to you always:
  • 100% satisfied customer guarantee until inspection

We guarantee that all important parts of the cleaning will be carried out correctly and that the movers will be satisfied. Therefore Cleaning guarantee always until inspection on your cleaning.

Our complete moving cleaning service with inspection guarantee.

* All windows are cleaned inside and out (even between the panes), including window frames and boards
* the elements are wiped off, also the back
* doors, door handles and door frames are cleaned
* skirting boards and thresholds are cleaned
* wardrobes are cleaned and dried, also outside and on top
* switches and wall plugs are wiped
* shelves are cleaned and wiped down
* remaining lamps are wiped
* the floors are vacuumed and wet-dried

* mirrors are cleaned and bathroom cabinets are cleaned
* taps and shower handles/shower mixers are descaled and cleaned
* wash basin/sink is cleaned (also the underside)
* water lines and pipes are wiped
* bathtub/shower cabin is cleaned above, below and behind
* all tiles are cleaned
* toilet and toilet seat are cleaned, also undersides
* floor wells and water traps are cleared and cleaned
* floors are cleaned and wet-dried
* washing machine, dryer and drying cabinet are wiped down, if they belong to the home, loose parts are washed, filters are cleaned
* stove is cleaned as well as all surfaces behind the stove (floor, stove, cupboard and wall)
* oven, grates, plates and associated oven forms are cleaned
* switched off, defrosted refrigerators/freezers are cleaned inside and out as well as all surfaces around and under
* grates and compartments are cleaned/washed
* kitchen cabinets, drawers and doors are wiped out and off, also on top of kitchen cabinets that do not reach the ceiling
* fan and fan cover are cleaned inside and out, filters are washed/degreased
* faucets are descaled and cleaned
* sink is descaled and cleaned, worktops and cutting boards are cleaned
* all tiles are cleaned
* dishwasher, which belongs to the residence, is cleaned inside and out and its filter
* stains/grease splashes are removed from walls and ceilings
* remaining lamps are wiped
* the floors are vacuumed and wet-dried
¤ Balcony ¤ Storage ¤ Basement
¤ Balcony ¤ Wind
¤ Terrace ¤ Fireplace ¤ Garage/carport/vehicle space
¤ Patio ¤ Food cellar
¤ Cleaned by agreement if necessary.
NOTE: The checklist is flexible and can be adapted to the customer's wishes with 100% CLEANING GUARANTEE.

It's that easy, Clean with a clear conscience
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